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Tom Hiddleston, Only Lovers Left Alive:  Adam giving Ian money for the wooden bullet

  • Because GIF 1, the way his body moves when he reaches in his pocket for the cash - and the way his wary stare is kept fixed upon Ian
  • GIFs 2 & 3 - exquisitive Hiddles hands handling the cash

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oh yes.  And I wouldn’t trust Ian, either.  I’m sure it’s Ian who let those punk rock zombie kids know where Adam lives.  And what was that shady-ass deal Ian made with hipster glasses dude at the club?

deleted scene made this whole relationship interesting shadiness




Dirty, dirty boy

That SIDEWAYS LOOK in the first one Jesus FUCKING CHRIST

ok let’s play a game: amatasera hiddlesherethereeverywhere smittentomkitten ophelia-tagloff britishmenaredestroyingmylife tomslegsarekillingmeslowly laterovaries (and everyone else!)

WHAT DID HE DO?  Let’s see how long we can ‘keep it clean’ because we all know what we wish he did so don’t read my tags)

I’m thinking he prowled Venice Beach after midnight and commanded random passers-by to kneel.

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